IT Resource Outsourcing

Our services are positioned to help startups across the globe scale for growth.
All our services support your vision and your organizational goals. We won’t let your idea sit in your head. Instead, we validate and help to execute it in the real world.
We assist you to make appropriate strategic decisions in making your vision come to life. In a nut-shell, we offer to incubate your idea in all stages.

IT Resource Outsourcing

We offer high flexibility in pricing models for both short-term and long-term projects. Hire dedicated and skilled resources for your project needs. Resources can report and be supervised directly by our clients.

StartupDear provides Software Services at highly competitive rates. Depending on the complexity of work, required skill set and the experience of the resource, we have the following startup friendly structure:

Our rates range from $6 to $25 per hour if you opt for hourly rates. You can opt to employ dedicated FTEs. These are the rates for minimum 160 hours of developer work per month.

  •      Developer: $960
  •      Mid-Level Developer: $1800 - $2000
  •      Sr. Developer: $2800
  •      Expert Developer: $3500

FTE Rates for IT Maintenance

  •      Shared Resource: 1200 USD per month
  •      Dedicated Resource: 2200 USD per month

Services We Offer

Mobile App Development
Software Testing Services
IT Staffing Services
Software Maintenance
Custom Software Development
Corporate IT Training


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